Drill brush 3-pack (HARD)

Drill brush 3-pack (HARD)

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Our Black Drill Brush is the perfect tool for those looking for a durable and stiff brush for rough cleaning. Fits all screwdrivers and drills.

The powerful 0.5mm bristles are designed to remove stubborn dirt and stains from surfaces such as grills, outdoor furniture, metal and other surfaces that require more intensive cleaning.

Made of durable nylon to handle the toughest tasks. Use it with a drill or screwdriver to effectively clean and restore surfaces to their original condition.

Grill, outdoor kitchen
Garages and workshops
Boat hull
Concrete floor, metal railings
Gardening tools
Stone walls and staircases

If you want a brush that can handle the most challenging cleaning tasks, then you have found the right one!

Small brush: Width: 5.08cm x Height: 2.54cm
Round brush: Width: 10.16cm x Height: 10.16cm
Oval brush: Width: 8.89cm x Height: 8.89cm

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