Welcome to apply to become a part of Scrubby's dealer network.

We are pleased that you are considering becoming one of our valuable partners to offer our innovative and high quality products To your customers.

To apply to become a Scrubby retailer, we want to get to know your business better. Please tell us about your company and describe what products or services you currently offer, and the target audience you are addressing. Understanding your business helps us create a fruitful collaborative relationship that benefits you and your customers.

We are also interested in which of our products interests you the most. Which of these products are you most interested in selling? Do you have any specific ideas about how you want to market them? We would like you to share your thoughts and ideas so that we can support you in the best possible way.

Our ideas for collaboration:

We believe that successful cooperation is based on open communication and partnership. As a Scrubby retailer, you can expect the following benefits:

Exclusive offers and discounts: We offer our dealers favorable prices and special promotions to help you increase your revenues and attract new ones. customers.

Provide marketing materials, product images and content to help you market your Scrubby products efficiently.

Always strive to deliver the products as quickly and reliably as possible.

To apply to become a Scrubby dealer, please contact us below and be as detailed as possible in your answers for us to get a full picture of your company; Your ambitions.

We look forward to hearing more about your company and your ideas of cooperation. Together, we can create a successful business relationship and offer our products to even more customers.

Thank you for being interested in becoming a Scrubby dealer! We look forward to receiving more information about your business and exploring opportunities for collaboration.

Please fill in the form below with as detailed answers as possible. You can also contact us directly at:

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