Bathroom Cleaning Pack

Bathroom Cleaning Pack

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This pack is carefully designed with specially developed brushes that effectively clean your bathroom. They are ideal for cleaning tiles and grout, accessing tight spaces around faucets, shower mixers, and toilet seats, as well as efficiently removing hair and blockages in drains.

Drill Brush 3-pack (Medium)
Our yellow medium brush is the perfect all-around brush for anyone looking for an effective and versatile cleaning with a drill or screwdriver. Suitable for cleaning all types of surfaces. It is really good at cleaning bathroom tiles and grout from dirt, lime, and mold.

Slim Hand Brush
Need to clean tight spaces? Our narrow hand brush has a precise shaft and is designed to easily reach sharp edges, gaps, joints, and other tight spaces that are difficult to access. Works excellently around the water faucet, shower mixer, and toilet seat.

Drain Brush
Effective solution for cleaning and removing blockages in drains. Avoid unpleasant odors and poor drainage. Designed with a spiral structure that effectively captures hair and dirt accumulations. The brush is 45cm long. Cleans drains in sinks, showers, and bathtubs.

Included in the package:
1 Drill Brush 3-pack (Medium)
1 Slim Hand Brush
1 Drain Brush