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Are you also tired of struggling with the scrubbing, feeling the pain in your body and still not getting the results you want? The answer is Scrubby Machine Brush. It removes the dirt with ease, and you can clean without pain and trouble.

Versatile cleaning for all surfaces
The Scrubby Machine Brush is ready for any cleaning challenges with its 8 customizable brush heads. The flat brush is ideal for tile floors, walls and pools, while the corner brush effectively cleans joints, taps and edges. The cloth brush is perfect for wooden floors and furniture, and the sponge makes window cleaning easy. These heads can also be used to polish and wax your car.

Extendable handle - several lengths
You can easily attach and remove the telescopic handle to the machine brush, giving you several different length options to choose from. It is especially practical for those who have difficulty bending down or need to stand up with a straight back when scrubbing. With this tool it is easy to reach hard-to-reach places on the floor, on the ceiling or anywhere. It is indeed an excellent cleaning tool for all types of areas.

Practical USB-C charging and battery level indicator
Offers up to 90 minutes of long-term work after only 3 hours of charging. The included USB-C charging cable makes the charging easy and comfortable.

Adaptable speeds and water-resistant design.
Choose between two work speeds - low speed at 300 rpm or high speed at 400 rpm. It is also water-resistant, so you can clean without worry.

What is included in the purchase?

  • 1st Machine Brush
  • 9 different brush heads
  • Telescopic handles
  • Dishes to attach different brush heads
  • USB-C cable (without adapter)
  • Manual

NOTE - Our drill brushes are not compatible with the Machine brush. New updated version!

Do you want an effective way to clean without it being taxing for your body? Then this complete set is perfect for you!

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Technical Specifications:

  • 3 hours charging time via USB-C charging
  • Two speeds at 300 rpm and 400 rpm
  • Water resistant but should not be placed underwater. The top where the brush is located can be dipped in water.
  • Can be taken on and off depending on needs